Othering, an intrinsic feature of (documentary) photography
For: Film and Photographic Studies (MA), Leiden University
April 23rd, 2019

A one-day seminar on Normativity and Othering in research practices for MA students in Film and Photographic Studies, together with assistant professor Ali Shobeiri at Leiden university.

The seminar takes on alternating practices and research methods in visual production. Here, discussions were focused on developing and problematising conventional methods in visual practice with a critical eye using the book Strange Encounters by Sarah Ahmed as a starting point – whereby notions of normativity, encounter, estrangement, and othering were discussed.


There are no "moments of time", not in photography and not anywhere else
For: Arts, Media, and Society (BA), Leiden University
April 30th, 2019

A one-day seminar and hands-on workshop on alternatig photographic methods and the coloniality of photography (industry). The workshop is

organised for BA students in the course of Arts, Media, and Society, together with assistant professor Ali Shobeiri, Leiden University.

The seminar discussed the principle of camera obscura in an experimental format, as simply the only basic principle of photography / photographic devices. And in this way, necessitate a re-conceptulisation of the practice that breaks from disciplinary, economic, or political conventions.

The workshop took place at TENT Rotterdam.


Framing through photographic means
For: Architecture and the Built Environment, MSc, TU Delft
May, 2018

A workshop to encourage studnts to see ‘image making’ beyond ‘still’ images produced by a manufactured camera. Given that the ‘photographic image’ is essentially the image projected inside a camera (an optical devicr), it becomes obvious that the ‘photographic image’ is always a ‘moving’ image. However, our ‘registration’ of it is always ‘still’. Students were given the equipment to build (simple) optical devices and to experience the projected photographic image.

© Alireza Abbasy