Since  2014, I have been editing, curating and publishing books as the founder and director of Sarmad Platform. The following are examples of my editorial and publishing work.

Collective Contemplation 2021
Sarmad Fiction Writing Club, 2021 Collection
Pocket Books series for Fiction-ing Comfort exhibition (a collection of 9 pocket books)
Sarmad Book Five
Sarmad Books Four
Sarmad Book Three
Sarmad Book Two
Sarmad Book One
Book of Pinholes
Camera Obscura

1. Sarmad Books The series of Sarmad Books now consists of 5 books published in the period of 2014 to 2020.  The books were published in a variety of ways, from digital prints on glossy paper in a corner print shop in downtown Tehran, to the fantastic riso print studio of Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, NL, and self prints with our own studio printer.

2.Pocket Book series For the occasion of Fiction-ing Comfort exhibition at MAMA Rotterdam (Jun-Sep 2020), Sarmad edited and produced a series of publications on the theme of home and exhaustion. The books can be viewed on Fictioning Comfort space.

3. Other publications
Sarmad has published a variety of other booklets and zines, which can be seen on Sarmad's website.