Having started my practice working with the medium of photography, I started making extensive experiments with self-made pinhole cameras in 2014-2017.  The camera vary widely in size, material, shutter size and the light-sensitive material. Working with self-made cameras, one would realize that the "photographic image" that we are used to, its aesthetics, characteristics and borders are all the constructs of a photography industry that has shaped our visual culture. It is only one option, the possibilities (within the medium of photography) is literally endless.

Think of these two examples:

. The projected image inside any camera is always a circle. Images in squares are always a cropped version of the original. If the mathematics of the camera is designed in a way that the "image surface" is close enough to the shutter, one would see the whole circle.

. It is not the law of nature that any camera has one shutter. A camera (as an optical device) can potentially have as many shutters as you please. By designing the math of the camera, you can determine how the projected images (resulting from each shutter) do or do not overlap.